One word >>>>>”Hospitable”
Very unique; none the less.  Happily married to the best man for me, Mr. Christopher D. Madison, with two daughter’s, Tyler and Eyonna.

I am an amateur blogger, wife, mother, sister, friend, fitness guru/ running junkie… with a deep passion forP1060372 2 fitness, health, and nutrition, in all walks of life.  I also just so happen to like photography, and I have a love for travel, that’s when I’m not working the full-time, 9 – 5,  as a Project Manager & Senior Financial Analyst.

Thanks to all of my followers, and those who leave great comments.  To have your support means the world to me.  None of the information I will provide you here is intended to replace medical/professional advice. Always seek professional/medical advice.

and one last word….
I believe – That our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. – Author Unknown