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And Just Like That…

I got lost insight of my good intentions to Focus…


Moving On!!!

Moving On!!!

Good Morning, #Winning Wednesday!!! Have a great day, check your rear view mirror, then move on ahead!!  Many people, and things in life are so funny, yet sad at the same time.  I love the memories, but I look forward to this Day, and what each new day brings.

Lesson Learned today… do not wait till the day of, to Print your Photos for submission in class.


Ugh, turns out I bought the wrong ink Cartridges, opened them put them in the printer only to find out they were not the right one, only 35 minutes to run to Wal-mart, before my next conference call, what to do, what to do… get moving last-minute trip to Wally World, had to explain to them that I purchased the wrong Cartridge this past Saturday, anyway I got lucky, they let me exchange, I’m thinking whew. So I make it back home with 5 ins to spare, but now I’m home taking conference calls, and trying to get my homework together before my Class, which is in just a few hours… #ILearn’t2Day

American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure 2013

Thanks for helping me start a chain reaction through Tour de Cure! Your donation funds many lifesaving programs, including research to prevent, manage and find a cure for diabetes.  I am riding 31.9 miles because the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure is so much more than a cycling event to me. It is my opportunity to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes.


Yes, it’s Monday, hope your day is a great one.  January 28, 2013, and I must say the month has just zoomed on by.

In less than 4 more days we will be moving into lovers lane, you know, February 14, 2013, the day when, we as women, look to our significant other to shower us, and or we decide to part ways with a past winter lover.  We have all been there, and done that, at one point and time, but life goes one.

I must say I had the best time this past weekend.  I got the chance to hang out with ladies whom are moving ahead in life, with goals, dreams, dedication, and determination.  It’s always refreshing to get in a good, workout, great, laughs, and spend great times, with those who have your like thoughts, and goals in mind.

OAN… the hubby and I took time out to go on a Movie date night.  We went to see DJango Unchained, and I must say, for once, it was one of many movies that the two of us were able to sit back, enjoy, and critique, on pretty much the same level.

I ended my lovely weekend with a nice, but challenging, run around the famous, Stone Mountain Park, with another lovely sister, whom I have admired for some time.  She is beautiful, witty, fabulous and fit.  The solo run was great for the both of us.  She paced ahead of me, which gave me the motivation to up my game.  I so cherish each of my individual friendships that I have made over the past couple of years here in Atlanta, Ga.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday.

Good Morning

Good Morning, hope you have a Super Friday & a great weekend 🙂

… run’s and jumps back in bed, Welcome to Crazy January! All passengers please keep your hats, coats & mittens on until we come to a complete stop in March! Thank you for riding the Winter Crazy Cold then Hot Express!

….did not get to run this morning, but I tried, too freaking cold, but I have completed my morning workout of all those Squats, Russian Twist, Crunches, and drum roll ….1 push ups (rehabilitation of the shoulders, 1 push-up at a time) FB/Tweet/Press you later zzzZZZZZZZZ

President Barack Hussein Obama was just sworn in to a second term at the 57th Presidential Inauguration. 2013-01-21_120753God Bless Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) the 44th and current President of the United States.  He is the first African-American to hold office, in addition to the first African-American to hold two consecutive terms in office as President of the United States.


Find the good and praise it.
~ Alex Haley

Every morning I wake up, I thank god for what I’m about to do!
~ Dr. J, Ebony magazine

Question: What am I most thankful for in my life right now?

My Mantra… I …

My Mantra… I believe – That our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. – Author Unknown

My Mantra