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American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure 2013

Thanks for helping me start a chain reaction through Tour de Cure! Your donation funds many lifesaving programs, including research to prevent, manage and find a cure for diabetes.  I am riding 31.9 miles because the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure is so much more than a cycling event to me. It is my opportunity to change the future and make a positive impact in the lives of those who are affected by diabetes.


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Morning… Here’s my Absolution 2 Free My Mind (A2FMM) … I have been suffering with shoulder problems over the past 3 months.  As a result my workouts have been impacted big time.  My dreams and plans on where I would be in my fitness game on this day and time are way of track, but in the back of my mind I keep hearing Dee say, “stay the course”.

See, Dee and I go way back.  She has more than once told me to step, step, step, even when I didn’t think I had a step left in me.  Anyway back to the situation at hand.

I went for a Nerve Study on yesterday to hopefully get to the cause of this persistent pain I’m having.  I was greeted by a very nice and carrying PA.  Little did I know, I would have to get on the scale.  See I weighed myself on 1/1/13, and vowed to not look at the scale again until 4/1/13.  Well to my surprise, the scale has tipped to the right 😦 by a complete 5lbs.

Now I’m in my kitchen, haven whipped up 2 batches of fruit & veggie smoothies, wpid-1358337724347.jpgboiled 8 eggs, cooked 4 turkey burgers, and steamed a head of cabbage, all by 7am.wpid-IMAG0039.jpg

I may not be able to workout but I surely can ensure that I try to eat right.

Guess what Dee?  I’m staying the course!


There’s no hill too steep, weather too miserable, personal best unbeatable, or shame in hitting the snooze button (once in a while…). Now gulp some electrolytes, put ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on repeat, and don’t let anyone hate on your Five Finger shoes. ~ foursquare 8

I earned this badge on January 2, 2013, my 1st run of 2013.. Yeah, all the above is true…

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