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Top of The Morning to You!!!

Yes, it’s Monday, hope your day is a great one.  January 28, 2013, and I must say the month has just zoomed on by.

In less than 4 more days we will be moving into lovers lane, you know, February 14, 2013, the day when, we as women, look to our significant other to shower us, and or we decide to part ways with a past winter lover.  We have all been there, and done that, at one point and time, but life goes one.

I must say I had the best time this past weekend.  I got the chance to hang out with ladies whom are moving ahead in life, with goals, dreams, dedication, and determination.  It’s always refreshing to get in a good, workout, great, laughs, and spend great times, with those who have your like thoughts, and goals in mind.

OAN… the hubby and I took time out to go on a Movie date night.  We went to see DJango Unchained, and I must say, for once, it was one of many movies that the two of us were able to sit back, enjoy, and critique, on pretty much the same level.

I ended my lovely weekend with a nice, but challenging, run around the famous, Stone Mountain Park, with another lovely sister, whom I have admired for some time.  She is beautiful, witty, fabulous and fit.  The solo run was great for the both of us.  She paced ahead of me, which gave me the motivation to up my game.  I so cherish each of my individual friendships that I have made over the past couple of years here in Atlanta, Ga.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday.

Have you eve thought about it… what you ask, why you decide to leave a conversation, that’s what the question is?

Many of us have been known to leave the conversation, check out, walk out, run out, sneak out, or excuse ourselves out.

Be it via, phone, chat, face to face, what ever method, we will just see our way out.  Sometimes we are placed in a conversation where we clearly don’t belong, or just don’t fit in.  We sometimes leave the other person thinking will they respond, wait, what, did I day something wrong, and then there are times when 4we know the conversation is over. At other times, we stick around in the conversation just for the name sake, we don’t want to be the one who did not listed, or we just don’t want to miss out on what is being said.

Is it because someone is just speaking over you and not at you, or just speaking and not debating,  or as I heard one say, just “opening up” or expressing a point of view simply for the sake of doing so, and it having no relevance to the conversation itself, have you done, this, I know I surely have.

One final questions…. How do you think it is perceived when you check, out, leave the conversation?  After all you don’t have to engage ever conversation you are invited into… FFT 🙂

Come on weigh in, others want to hear from you…. after all this is Absolution to Free My Mind (Yours included)


What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


What keeps you motivated to workout when you “really” don’t feel like it?