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Chapter 2013, Page 12 of 365 – Beliefs, #1: Your beliefs affect your life more than you think they do. If you want to have the best life experience you can ever have, switch out your disempowering beliefs with empowering ones.

Chapter 2013, Page 13 of 365 – Beliefs, #2: Half the things you say are usually more to do with your internal beliefs and issues than to do with other people.

~ Personal Excellence


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Chapter 2013, Page 11 of 365 – Being yourself: It is better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else. (Judy Garland)

~ Personal Excellence

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Chapter 2013, Page 9 of 365 –Beauty, #1: Physical beauty is great but it doesn’t last. Inner beauty, on the other hand, stands the test of time. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve our physical beauty – we should focus on being beautiful, both on the inside and out.

Chapter 2013, Page 10 of 365 – Beauty, #2: There is no one standard of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes, all sizes, all forms, all colors. You are beautiful as you are. Stop trying to conform to the image of beauty constructed by the society and embrace the beauty that is you.

~ Personal Excellence

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Chapter 2013, Page 8 of 356 – Awareness: is the first step to the resolution of any problem.

~ Personal Excellence

Are you really aware, or are you just going through the motions?


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Chapter 2013, Page 7 of 365 – Attachment: only causes anguish in the long run because nothing is permanent in this world. Don’t mourn over the loss of something. Be happy that it happened instead.

~ Personal Excellence

You need to ask yourself… what is happy, and Am I happy, if you feel that you are happy, would you then rate how happy you are on the scale with a rating of 1 – 5?  5 Being the happiest, and 1 being very unhappy.

To be Happy you need to 1) Free Your Mind!!! 2) Cut straight to the root of unhappiness, and 3) Come up with ways to correct the problem, crate a game plan, and put it to action.

Here is some Humor for Attachment

So I’m baby sitting Jeanine RunnEazy’s gadget,  Blinky Blue Garmin 405CX, and the initial sitting has gone well.
Charged 100% – √
Uploaded Data – √
Updated Firmware –  √
Wear around house for 1 hour to makes sure all is good – √
Upload new Data – √
Place on shelf, until owner is ready to pick up – √
… well since placement on shelf, Baby has been beeping and saying approaching turn, arriving at distance, corner ahead, and you name it… and it’s on the shelf, not being touched…

Jeanine please come get your baby, ASAP!!!!  – √ Done… Attachment!!!

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Chapter 2013, Page 6 of 365 – Annoyances: Everything that annoys you mirrors something inside you. Rather than look outward for the solution, look inside to understand where that annoyance is coming from.

~ Personal Excellence

Chapter 2013, Page 5 of 365 – Anger: is the most volatile form of emotion you can ever burden yourself with. Every bit of anger you hold on to damages your soul. Whenever you feel angry, remember that the person you are hurting is yourself.

~ Personal Excellence


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Chapter 2013, Page 4 of 365 – “And”, not “Or”: It’s not about choosing Option A or Option B. It’s about Option C – an option you create which has everything you want, and more.

~ Personal Excellence


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Chapter 2013, Page 3 of 365 Action: is a necessary part of success. ~ Personal Excellence

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Chapter 2013, Page 2 of 365 – Abundance: We live in a world of abundance. There are unlimited wealth and unlimited opportunities for everyone. So don’t worry about whether you can succeed in something and focus on how to succeed in it.

~ Personal Excellence